The Association is managed and guided by a Board of Directors, responsible to the membership. The Board is composed of the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, the Treasurer (all of whom are also the Officers of the Board), the Immediate Past President and not less than 6 other members. In addition the President of the Association attends all Board meetings. 

As the governing body of the Association, the Board of Directors is an elected body whose members serve voluntarily. It charts the future direction of the Association and ensures that it stays on course. The Board oversees the long-term performance and overall success of the Association. The Board serves as the ultimate decision-making body of the Association except for those matters reserved to or shared with its members, as provided in our by-laws. The primary responsibilities of the Board are supervision, counselling, and direction to the management of the interests and for the benefits of the Association. The Board of Directors has the responsibility to establish Committees and Task Forces, with terms of reference and duties as shall be designated by the Board.

BOMA Ottawa Committees

BOMA Ottawa's various committees play a key role in each association activity. All of BOMA Ottawa's members benefit from both the visible and behind-the-scenes efforts undertaken by BOMA's committees on their behalf. From advocacy to education, networking opportunities to awards, BOMA's many initiatives and events are made possible by dedicated volunteers who provide leadership at the committee and board level, both unifying and guiding the association. All BOMA Ottawa members are encouraged to follow the work of our many hard-working committees, and to consider what role they can play in shaping the future of our industry through participation.

While every member reaps rewards by joining BOMA Ottawa, volunteering enhances the BOMA experience substantially. Through active participation on committees, volunteers quickly understand that membership in BOMA is an investment, not an expense. Our volunteers have tapped into a secret of association work: by becoming involved, you learn from and have fun with your peers while understanding better and influencing issues of importance to your business. Besides information and representation, volunteer experience becomes invaluable to the workplace, as lessons learned from fellow BOMA members and through committee work can be taken back to your company. Further, participation on BOMA Committees and on the BOMA Ottawa Board of Directors has shaped many of our volunteers into the real estate leaders of today and the future.



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