BOMA BEST® Program

The building industry worldwide is actively looking for ways to do its part in addressing concerns about conserving the earth's resources. Governments are examining issues surrounding use of energy, waste management and the generation of pollutants with increasing urgency. Changes in law are constantly evolving and the building industry has a choice: to be a leader in developing its own plans to conserve scarce resources or possibly be forced to do so by unnecessary government interventions.

BOMA BEST® is a national green building certification program launched in 2005 to address an industry need for realistic standards for energy and environmental performance of existing buildings based on accurate, independently verified information. Commercial buildings that are BOMA BEST® certified will have a distinct advantage when it comes to attracting and retaining tenants. In most cases, it also costs less to operate and maintain the buildings due to increase in overall building efficiency.

Why the BOMA BEST® Program?

There are many reasons to go forward BOMA BEST®, notably reducing energy consumption and operating costs; enhancing environmental stewardship and due diligence; and improving tenant safety, health, comfort, and productivity. Both new and existing tenants will appreciate your buildings' image as environmentally conscious, and BOMA BEST®'s positive proof as to how well the building is performing

BOMA BEST® demonstrates tangible environmental leadership. It is our hope that BOMA BEST® will not only promote increased environmental consciousness in the industry, but will also lead to healthier workplaces and sustainable building development and best management practices.

We encourage you and everyone on your team to become familiar with the BOMA BEST® process and the requirements to obtain the certification. The application process is straightforward and inexpensive, and BOMA Members receive a discount on the application fees.

The program is about much more than just certification; the application process will help assess how well your building is performing and includes suggestions for tangible ways to improve environmental practices. Participants in this important national environmental initiative will be recognized as leaders in environmental stewardship. As buildings across the country achieve their certification, it is our hope at BOMA Ottawa that BOMA BEST® will lead to healthier workplaces and sustainable building development and management practices.

For more info on the program visit the BOMA BEST® website The BOMA BEST® initiative is a straightforward and a comprehensive program designed to certify the environmental responsibility of your building. Your BOMA BEST® certification will be a true environmental statement to your tenants, occupants and visitors to your building. Indeed, all stakeholders will appreciate that environment is on the forefront of your agenda. BOMA is now accepting BOMA BEST® applications from all commercial building owners.

For information regarding BOMA BEST® please contact the BOMA office at (613) 232-1875, or by e-mail at

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The National Green Building Report

The 2015 BOMA BEST® National Green Building Report details the performance of the 562 buildings that achieved BOMA BEST® certification between January 1st and December 31st, 2014.

This report showcases a detailed analysis on the performance of BOMA BEST® buildings across the six key environmental impact areas assessed by the program. 

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