Professional Development is critical to anyone in the workforce.

It is often asked what is the importance of continuing professional development and why does it matter?

When you have finished your degree, completed practical experience requirements and started your career, it’s fair to say the first part of your mission is well and truly accomplished.  Sit back and give yourself a pat on the back. But don’t take too long doing it or you’ll be lagging behind your colleagues. The same is true for professionals with many years experience in the workplace.

Continuing professional development is important because it ensures you continue to be competent in your profession. It is an ongoing process and continues throughout a professional’s career.

The ultimate outcome of well planned continuing professional development is that it safeguards the public, the employer, the professional and the professional’s career.

BOMA will be identifying resources, courses and organizing events to assist you in our own professional development. 

Women@BOMA Program - 10th Anniversary

BOMA Ottawa

2024 Women@BOMA will celebrate our 10th Anniversary

Do you wish you had more time to get to know your exceptional female colleagues in the real estate industry? Are you interested in helping to build a stronger women’s network to enhance the already strong relationships in BOMA Ottawa? If so, this program could be for you.


Committee Goals and Objectives  

  • Provide a community of shared ideas to professional women within BOMA Ottawa.
  • Support women in commercial real estate industry (both Corporate and Allied Members) 
  • Provide an opportunity to allow women to collectively contribute through events, social media, and newsletters with the goal of ultimately assisting members with further career development. 
  • Participate and contribute within an event supporting BOMA’s charity of choice.
  • Facilitate an introduction to BOMA Ottawa for new members who may be seeking a peer-to-peer experience within our organization. 
  • Provide a new opportunity to enrich the value of BOMA Ottawa membership. 

Previous Topic Events Held

Career Rewind / Eat Speak Explore / Always a Take-Away / Celebrating 150 Years of Women / Be Your Authentic Self / Real and Raw and Social Connection

If the 'Opportunity Knocks' with BOMA Ottawa, Take It!

BOMA Ottawa

Launching a new Allied program for our BOMA Ottawa newsletter. We would like to introduce members to our Allied Network, of Service Providers, in the Commercial Real Estate Industry. It's a section of our newsletter, where we will highlight members, through Social Expression, Professional Development and Interesting Projects. If you would like to be highlighted, see attached for more details.

Download the PDF

BOMA Ottawa Emerging Leaders Network

BOMA Ottawa

BOMA Ottawa would like to introduce members to our new program, Emerging Leaders (ELN). This forum will help engage young Property Managers, Owners, and Service Industry Professionals to provide an opportunity to collectively contribute and develop through events, social media, newsletters and professional development, while providing an introduction to BOMA.

In the months to come, our newly formed Committee, consisting of member companies, will be evolving our goals and objectives, but here are a few;

  • A great opportunity to get to know likeminded commercial real estate professionals (35 & under)
  • Help build key relationships, value of participating with all members of BOMA
  • Further enhance careers
  • Planning, program benefits, recruitment & marketing and finally activities

We are asking Senior Leaders of Property Management Companies and Allied Service Providers to provide this information on to your employees who you believe could benefit from this program.  To have them participate please provide us with contact names and emails, as we will be creating a database of names/companies for the ELN, whereby we can encourage them to participate in upcoming events and education sessions.

Building Systems Essentials For Building Operators

BOMA Ottawa and Algonquin College

2024 Building Systems Essentials Overview

BOMA and Algonquin College to Offer Popular Series in 2024

In collaboration with Algonquin College, BOMA is pleased to announce its popular Building Systems Essential Series returns in 2024 as an In Class Format. All courses will be held at the state of the art Algonquin Downtown Learning Centre (700 Sussex Drive) between 8:30 and 12:00 on their scheduled days. 

This series, produced in collaboration with Algonquin College, is made up of 7 independent half-day courses. The series has drawn positive reviews from Building Operators who want a refresher on the various topics in the series, as well as from other Commercial Real Estate practitioners that want to get a better sense of how things work in major office buildings.

A great place to learn from a qualified Algonquin instructor, as well as providing an opportunity to hear from others in the Commercial Real Estate world and share experiences. Download a prospective of the entire seven part series, or check out the individual course summaries below. 

2024 Building Systems Essentials Overview


Registration for all courses is now open. 

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 15 Feb 2024

Water Treatment & Fire Protection 18 April 2024

Air Handling Systems 16 May 2024

Building Control Systems 20 June 2024

Heating Systems 19 September 2024

Energy Efficiency for Buildings 17 October 2024

Building Electrical Systems 21 November 2024




Hays Canada DNA Series

Hays Canada

Hays Canada DNA series takes a look at what it takes to achieve a leading role in finance, construction and property and IT, to name only a few. For ambitious professionals this series provides insight into personal career planning, common obstacles, qualifications that really matter and the impact of people management.

BOMA Plan Reading Course

Algonquin College Corporate Training Centre

The reading of construction blueprints is a foundational skill in property management.   This half day course, offered in cooperation and partnership with Algonquin College,  provides an introduction to plan reading for commercial construction projects. Working with a set of typical working drawings, the course takes participants through the basics of blueprint reading and covers the following topics:

· Contractual obligations; and applicable law, standards, bylaws and codes pertinent to the building permit application process;

· Interdependence of disciplines including architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical specifications;

· Scale and units of measurement, metric & imperial;

· Drawing revisions, legend symbols, equipment schedules, door and frame schedules and finishes schedule;

· Structural concrete, masonry, structural steel systems and insulation materials for a commercial building project;

· Properties of insulation materials;

· Interior systems such as walls, ceilings, millwork, carpet and finishes.

Two courses have been scheduled to date February 12th and June 10th. The 1/2 Day course runs from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Plan Reading 2024 Overview

Course Overview with Registration Links

Register today for the February 12th Session

Register today for the June 10th Session

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BOMA organizes at least one event every month, as well as providing a series of Education initiatives for members and non members alike.

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Professional Development

Women@BOMA Program - 10th Anniversary

BOMA Ottawa

2024 Women@BOMA will celebrate our 10th Anniversary Do you wish you had more time to get to know your exceptional female colleagues in the real estate industry? Are you interested in helping to build...
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If the 'Opportunity Knocks' with BOMA Ottawa, Take It!

BOMA Ottawa

Launching a new Allied program for our BOMA Ottawa newsletter. We would like to introduce members to our Allied Network, of Service Providers, in the Commercial Real Estate Industry. It's a section...
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